Perfect content in perfect shape

Gorna Banya launches a new, more stable and comfortable bottle.

Bottling Company "Gorna Bania" presents on the market its new, improved bottle. In order to develop the product line and think about the comfort of its customers, the company launches its range of products into a new, more stable, clean and with comfortable grip bottle.

Apart from changes in design and stability, the new look also surprises with changes in the appearance and position of the label. Located at the top of the packaging to facilitate users in a monochrome blue range and with an emphasis on the fixed, recognizable red dot.

Few people know that if bottled water is well balanced and with low total mineralization, it is suitable for everyday use. Without the need for alternating spring and mineral ones. Gorna Banya is water of thermal origin, springs from more than 600 m depth with a temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius, naturally enriched with elements of the earth layers. It has a constant physico-chemical composition and low total mineralization only 153 mg / l, suitable sodium content (Na) - 39,75 mg / l and fluorine (F) levels of 0.23 ml / l. These indicators make Gorna Banya water explicitly suitable for everyday use both by children and adults.

The new bottle of BC Gorna Banya- perfect content in perfect shape, clean design, greater stability and comfortable grip. Mineral water for every day.