Every day water

Why we need it and how to turn it into a useful habit.

Even children know that nearly 70% of the human body's volume is made up of water. Without it, the cells do not function properly, the processes in the body slow down, we suffer from chronic headaches, we get pounds.

What if you clear all unnecessary sugar and caffeinated drinks and drink only water for a week?

Concentration is increased. Improves heart function. Appetite is suppressed. Metabolism is speeding up and vitality is increased. Supporting the weight loss process. Body toxins are cleansed. The facial skin becomes clear and tightens. And last but not least, money is saved.

How to make drinking water in a daily habit?

In the beginning, it is good to say that it is always useful to carry a bottle of 500 ml. water with you, leaving it in a prominent place on the work desk. Each time you look at it, take a few sips. If you are not tasty, you can flavour it with a few slices of lemon or a teaspoon of tea. The daily recommended dose for an adult is 8 cups of water per day, one for each of the above-mentioned points. How do we distribute them?

One immediately after getting up, before eating. One before each meal. One between meals. One accompanying coffee. One before bedtime. Before, during and after workout.

What water should we drink daily?

In the 21st century, it is difficult to balance labels, chemical elements and water composition. From ancient times to today, the best drinking water remains naturally enriched with minerals.

It is important for the water to have a low total mineralization. This ensures that the nutrients will be absorbed by the body in the most optimal way, without the need for saturation (with poor mineralization up to 50 mg / l) or difficult to process (at high mineralization over 1000 mg / l). We also need to be careful about the fluorine content. The acceptable rate is 1.5 mg / l, its increased concentration results in damage to the tooth enamel, unpleasant dental staining, impairment of bone function and strength. Sodium should also be present in the composition of the water we consume on a daily basis. It regulates blood pressure and the excretory system. Another factor is the acidity of the water, so-called pH. If it has very low pH water is considered acidic and causes discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, provokes gastritis and others.

“Gorna banya” water is a good choice for the Bulgarian market. It is of a thermal type, springs from more than 600 meters deep with a temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius. It has a low total mineralization of 153 mg / l and a suitable sodium content of 39.75 mg / l. It has a constant physico-chemical composition and is microbiologically clean due to its deep origin, and the low content of fluorine - 0.23 mg / l, makes mineral water “Gorna Banya” extremely suitable for everyday use – both for children and adults.

Gorna Banya mineral water for every day.