Fruit juices and nectars

Fruit drink Strawberry 0,250 l.
Fruit drink Blueberry 0,250 l.
Fruit drink Sour cherry 0,250 l.
Fruit drink Forest fruits 0,250 l.
Orange juice 1l
Fruit drink Green Apple 1l
Apricot fruit drink 1l
Fruit drink Multifruit ACE 1l
Peach fruit drink 1l
Banana nectar 1l
Banana and Strawberry nectar 1l
Apple nectar 1l
Black currant nectar 1l
Fruit drink Sour Cherry 1l
Tomato nectar 1l
Orange juice 0,250l
Apple nectar 0,250l
Black currant nectar 0,250l
Fruit drink Green Apple 0,250l
Apricot fruit drink 0,250l