The Spring

The Spring

About water

The mineral spring in Sofia's Gorna Banya district has been known since the Thracians. The first study and description of this water was made as early as 1887. Subsequent analyses show that it has a constant physico-chemical composition and is microbiologically clean. This is due to its depth (more than 600 meters deep, which excludes any external pollution and adverse weather conditions) and the absence of ingredients that change over time. Experimental studies with mineral water “Gorna Banya” have shown that after its artificial contamination with some bacteria, for a period of 10 days it suppresses their development and has a “purifying” effect. 

Clear, colourless and odourless, natural clean and with excellent chemical composition, mineral water "Gorna Banya" undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on human health and is at the forefront of the mineral waters in Europe. The low total mineralization - 143 mg/l and the appropriate sodium content (Na) - 33,27 mg/l, determine its beneficial effect in gastrointestinal, renal, urological, gallbladder and other diseases. Due to its low fluorine content (F) - 0.13 mg / l, mineral water "Gorna Banya" is recommended for daily use by children and adults.

Chemical composition

Total mineralization: 143 mg/l, pH: 9.65 - Electrical conductivity: 139 μS/cm

Microcomponents Anions mg/l:  Cations mg/l: Se < 0.010 
As < 0.01
Sb < 0.01
Cd < 0.002
Ni < 0.01
Pb < 0.01
Se < 0.01
Cr < 0.01
Cu < 0.01
Zn < 0.027
Hg < 0.001
Mn < 0.00
Ba < 0.001
F` - 0,13 As < 0.01
Cl` - 2,84 Sb < 0.005
SO4 - 19,75 Cd < 0.005
CO3 - 27,01 Cl < 0.005
HCO3 - 15,25 Cu < 0.050
HSiO3 - 5,51 Ni < 0.005
Na -33,27 Hg < 0.001
K - 0,40 Zn < 0.081
Ca - 1,60 Ba < 0.013
B < 0.082
Cn 0 < 0.010


“BC - Gorna Banya" also produces two brands of table water: Serdika and Table Water. The water is purified by the reverse osmosis method and is ozonised, ensuring that there are no bacteria or other micro-organisms present in the tap water, for example, which are harmful to health.

It has beneficial effects on the body due to the lack of mineralization and is suitable for unrestricted use by all age groups and is recommended for daily consumption by infants, children and pregnant women.


the clear tears of Lyulin Mountain

 “Once upon a time a Bey has lived whose beloved hounds have fallen heavily ill. He did not let him kill them, so he threw them away from home where he hunted – in a swamp in a wooded area. How great was the surprise of bey and his infinite joy when two weeks later he was awakened by dog ​​barking - the two greyhounds jumped and cheered merrily around him ... "

It sounds like a fairy tale! Whether it is true nobody knows, but the legend has a sequel. The Bey asked the Sultan to give him the area with the swamp where the waters of a warm mineral spring were gathered. The Sultan agreed and a few years later the first bath was built in the present neighbourhood of Sofia Gorna Bania, which existed until 1922.

Another, more modern story tells of stockpiles by General Rommel tones Gornobanski mineral water (used during World War II by the German army), discovered decades later in the sands of North Africa, with unchanged taste and chemical composition